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GTSC Rally Championship

Premier series that offers fun, competitive racing for drivers of all skill levels, from “scared of gravel” to “slideways hero”!


Our model is simple. High-Class, rally racing for people with adult commitments. We understand that people have busy lives, and aren’t always able to commit the time to running a full 12 stage event in a single sit-down, so all events are broken down into 4 separate 3-stage, 3-day events. This breaks down to a total time commitment of 20-30 minutes once every 3 days!

Feel like you need to hold back to preserve your car? Not to worry! We offer a forgiving format, free of Hardcore Damage, and with 30 minute service areas at each stage. This means that newer drivers can quickly build confidence, and more seasoned drivers can be less hesitant for a flat-out stage clear.


To top it all off, we are currently boasting a full season with all 13 locations that DiRT Rally 2.0 has to offer, with alternating AWD classes at every location (excluding Group B), meaning there will be something for everyone!




DiRT 2.0

Rally Stages & RX




Race Directors


DNG Titan


If you want to join our series, get with the Race Director in the DISCORD SERVER. 

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